Sunday, November 15, 2009

What this is not.

This is NOT

-Kitty kibble

-Teeny-weeny bits of fried chicken


-The sorrowful remains of baking-failure.*


THIS is the 2009 Edition Madcap Christmas Tin Filler, aka Candied Pecans. THIS is now my favourite candy, being mostly nut and not a lot of candy. AND it's so easy that even I could make it, which automatically earns it the designation of Good.

I like giving some home-made sweeties for gifts at Christmas, but I find real candy-making rather stressful (not to mention regularly unsuccessful) so I was trawling the internet for a new beginning. I found the recipe here.

I've already rounded up the tins from the second-hand stores in the area, so now I'm all set. Christmas? Bring it on!

* Unlike the chocolate cake crumbs in my freezer, today's other baking adventure. Honestly, I need to concentrate when I'm in the kitchen. Forgot both the eggs and the gelatin binder that keeps the end-product from crumbling to chocolate ash. It's going to be reincarnated as trifle, I think.

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Deb said...

Those look yummy. I should make them to send to my sisters in law for Christmas; they always send us treats like that.