Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Thread of the Fringe That Swished You

I've been collecting containers in anticipation of the holiday for a while now, because using gift wrap gets up my nose and makes me scroogish. I'm going to see if I can do without it altogether this year.

Most of the tins were $0.49, the big ones set me back $0.69. Second-hand, of course; the thrift shops are full of these. The ones I like best are just going to sit on my bookshelf and twinkle at me through the season, but the other (still very nice) ones are going to be impregnated with candied pecans and toffee and cookies and sundry other holiday bits and pieces.

You see the fringed tin in the basket? It was too boring. I was rummaging around in my fabric bins, looking for scraps to make a little gift-pouch (also in the basket, tied with green ribbon), when I came across a length of flamboyant gold fringe. Inspiration struck. I measured out a length on the circumference of the tin, stitched across the fringe to stabilize it, cut it, daubed the edges with Fray-Knot or whatever that stuff is called, and then glued it on with regular white glue. Swish, eh?

Right, that's enough playing. Time to crack the books. Ta!

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Amanda said...

good idea..i may try and copy you:)