Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Convincing Case For Creativity

I've had case studies on the brain lately. I have to write one for my course, and I've never done anything like this before. When I reviewed the samples they had on hand, it was a pretty dismal outlook - all I could think of was being on the receiving end and how much chemical intervention I'd need in order to plough through 16 offerings of that sort.

So I've spent a little time searching the internet for "how to write a massage case-study". Not exactly a gold-mine of information. The few articles I did find didn't employ the same format we were instructed to use. And they were uniformly dull.

Maybe there's an inherent limit to readability of the genre, but I was really hoping to stumble over something scintillating and witty and absorbing.


It's only 10% of my final mark.

Maybe I'll take a chance and "innovate".


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