Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Benefit Plan

I just had one of those pay-off moments.

I was lying in bed with my arms outstretched, trying to open my lungs enough to catch some oxygen. This cold/virus/bug has really hit me hard.

Patch knocked at the door. "Are you in there, Mum?"


"Can I come in?"

I wanted to say no, please let me wheeze in peace, but I didn't. "Sure, come on in."

He had a hot-water bottle for me, and then knelt at the end of the bed by my feet and started rubbing them. After a while he began finding acupoints, and holding them, and asking me about the meridians, and trying to trace them around my ankles and up to my knees. He's got a good touch for it, wise hands. The treatment lasted about 20 minutes, and then he rubbed my head, wished me a good night, and took himself to bed.

My boy.

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