Monday, November 23, 2009

Mea Culpa

Shame, shame, double shame... I missed a day! Instead of posting, I just went to bed.

It was an extremely busy weekend, lots of friends over for supper, massage practice, studying, cooking, cooking, cooking, dishes, dishes, dishes, Himself experienced a sundance sweatlodge, two batches of wine went from one incarnation to another, Poppy had a Saturday job catching chickens for a local farmer, and Patch took advantage of the snow and hauled the X-country skis out of the auction mart. Much of a muchness.

And I found myself some kind of weird bug to join into the fun. Not exactly sick, but sneezing and wheezing like crazy, and big, swollen lymph nodes. Thankfully, after going back to bed for a few hours of extra sleep this morning, everything seems to be about 75% better.

I'm trying not to drive myself crazy. I swore at the beginning of the school year that I wasn't going to flog myself to get 100% on every little quiz, and so far I've managed that (hah! that's for sure!), but I can feel the craziness mounting. There's so much to learn! A case study that needs to be started, for a condition we haven't even covered yet, so I've got a bunch of extra studying for that, on top of all the rest of it. As much as I know it really doesn't mean Sweet Fanny Adams, I like getting high marks. Some kind of residual childhood approval thing, probably.

And then there's Christmas looming...

I gave the 6' tree the boot last week. It, and all its decorations went to the recycle tent at the dump. Poppy and I can't breathe with spruce in the house, so a number of years ago Himself found a $5 artificial tree at a garage sale. I've always hated it, but it was a big deal for the kids, so we kept setting the wretching thing up every year. No more. I told them if they wanted big trees, they needed to start the process by getting their own homes. Until such time, they'll have to make do with what I'm willing to live with . This year it's a little table top tree. I tried to push through a little green wire Christmas basket shaped like a spruce, about 8" high, and would hang nicely on the wall, but poor Poppy nearly fainted. I had mercy. We'll keep the 2.5' tree for a few years longer. After that? Just candles and pinecones and festive, glittery cookie tins.

But that looming Christmas thing... it's more about sewing. Not that I really want to start a bunch of projects, but I feel like I should. I've got seasonal stitchy-guilt.

And I suppose I should buy some presents too... and find the stockings...


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