Sunday, December 22, 2013

And may I say, first of all, that I'm far from enchanted with Blogger's new publishing format. I rarely come here anymore. Maybe I have no right to complain, but for the love of the crows! Do I want to alert someone on Google so they'll notice me? I do not. Please don't ask me again.

When people notice me these days it seems to be in the strangest ways. Yesterday afternoon I was in the line-up at the grocery till with my few party supplies on the way into the city. An older man, probably in his late seventies, early eighties, queued up behind me, took a look at my stuff and sneered.

"You must be pretty goddamn lazy," he told me.

I was astonished. Usually they wait until at least the second date, you know?

"Pardon me?" You see how cutting I can be on the spur of the moment like that.

"You can't be bothered to whip your own goddamn cream? You have to buy it in a can?"

"I'm traveling to a party in the city!"

"Oh. Oh, okay then." And he proceeded to show me what he was buying, and grilled me on Ukrainian Christmas festive cooking, which test I failed miserably. Not only goddamn lazy, but goddamn ignorant too.

Just let me hide.