Sunday, December 22, 2013

And may I say, first of all, that I'm far from enchanted with Blogger's new publishing format. I rarely come here anymore. Maybe I have no right to complain, but for the love of the crows! Do I want to alert someone on Google so they'll notice me? I do not. Please don't ask me again.

When people notice me these days it seems to be in the strangest ways. Yesterday afternoon I was in the line-up at the grocery till with my few party supplies on the way into the city. An older man, probably in his late seventies, early eighties, queued up behind me, took a look at my stuff and sneered.

"You must be pretty goddamn lazy," he told me.

I was astonished. Usually they wait until at least the second date, you know?

"Pardon me?" You see how cutting I can be on the spur of the moment like that.

"You can't be bothered to whip your own goddamn cream? You have to buy it in a can?"

"I'm traveling to a party in the city!"

"Oh. Oh, okay then." And he proceeded to show me what he was buying, and grilled me on Ukrainian Christmas festive cooking, which test I failed miserably. Not only goddamn lazy, but goddamn ignorant too.

Just let me hide.


CG said...

hahaha! Come South. People will only ask you to come to church with them. They might comment that you aren't from around here, are ya? Which, you never did tell of your experience coming to the Southern US. Great blogs reside in your observations, I'm sure!

Madcap said...

I've exhausted the supply of local church-inviters, so that leaves me to the mercies of the cussing heathens.

I'm not sure I want to put my thoughts on LA out so publicly. Maybe someday. It was EXTREEEMELY educational.

Mercutio said...

I admit I'm lazy, but I plan to make cheese, as well as ale and mead, in the coming year.
I am told that queso fresco is one of the easiest cheeses to make; that most households in Mexico still make their own.
For store-bought cheese, I tend to prefer the ones from goats' milk, but cows' milk is easier to come up with around these parts.

Madcap said...

Hey Mercutio,
Lazy, I think not. Let me know how your DIY foodstuffs turn out. But I think your year is already looking pretty full!