Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Matryoshkas En Papier

(Not sure about my "French" blog title, but it'll do for now.)

I found this really nifty card tutorial yesterday, and I thought I'd give you directions over to Zakka's from whence it came.

It's the last lap of November, and that always means I find myself in the throes of MAKING THINGS FOR CHRISTMAS. This year, not so much, but I still have little pangs of handmade lust as my mind schemes to express itself through my fingers. Cards would be a lot less time-consuming than quilts, I'm guessing... especially if I only made a few.... hopefully it's not like potato chips; you can never stop at one...

Dang, they're cute! Somebody stop me!

Edit: Looking at these, I'm suddenly reminded of the little fabric creche sets I made one year when the kids were tiny. Too bad I don't have a picture from the olden days... I probably made about 10 sets for friends with children, and they were basically fabric matryoshkas of Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus, who slept in a decorated tea-box manger. They were constructed with stitching and glue, and had cardboard bases so they'd stand up, and I hand-painted the faces.

When did I have the time?

Oh right. The kids were small. I didn't sleep for an entire decade. Selective amnesia.

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kawaii crafter said...

Thank you for sharing the tutorial with your readers. I appreciate it :)

It's too bad you don't have a picture of the creche sets you made long ago. They sound so cute.