Friday, November 6, 2009


I'm in the midst of packing for my November school weekend. Oi. Travelling gluten-free does NOT mean travelling light. I can't leave it to the very last minute, or I end up eating nothing but cheese and fruit, and I'm not that sort of woman. This month I'm raising the bar and bringing little individual containers of cooked chicken, romaine lettuce, homemade dressing and grated parmesan. Chicken caesar salad.

I should bring some extra cloves of garlic so my classmates have the option to join me in my vice.

Or, alternatively, I suppose I could bring my toothbrush.

It's frustrating, trying to be prepared for this many meals away from home, but the truth is that even when I can find a restaurant that serves GF, I certainly don't enjoy it more than my own cooking.

Mind you, I have no quarrel with the dishwashing staff. Really, that's the best part of eating out, don't you think? No dishes. Amen.


annettelikesrain said...

GF must be one of the most difficult diets to follow on the road. But it looks like you've got it well in hand. See if you can scare up an adventure or two!

Madcap said...

Yeah, travel is the worst part. I've become completely accustomed to cooking GF myself, but I'm paranoid about eating anywhere else.

Adventures? Moi?