Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trying Those Gingersnaps Again...

I found a printed copy of that gingersnap recipe... I thought I did. It must have been an earlier incarnation, because once more the first panful was like little greasy pancakes. Tasty, mind you, but not cookielike. So I threw a bunch more flour into the mix, and more guar gum, and an extra egg, and the subsequent batches were much more chin-up-and-chest-out.

But I had this sticky, bendy, gingersnappy stuff to deal with yet. Throwing it out is NOT an option, not with the cost of gluten-free flours especially. So I ripped it up into smaller bits, and threw it back in the oven. After another fifteen minutes I had me some very fine gingersnap crumbs, and after supper I cut up the battered MacIntosh apples languishing on the counter, dusted them with brown sugar and tapioca starch and a little salt, and layered the crumbs on top of that. It's in the oven now, and smells absolutely divine.

The carrots were just there, waiting for the pot. A little colour for your visual culinary delectation.

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