Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I swear, when I opened this can of paint it was scented just like orange candy! Who knew?

Here I am in my incarnation as sign-painter. We live beside a fairly well-travelled road (in a rural sense of "well-travelled road"), and I need to take advantage of that proximity to promote my existence as a massage therapist.


I do not have $200+ for a 2'X3' professionally printed sign. Mercy! That's a lot of money per square inch!

So I went to the local hardware and picked out a colour to more or less match my business cards, a few small craft brushes for the lettering, and Himself found me a piece of salvaged wood from the demolition stage of the house last summer. Sign fixin's. I cleaned, sanded, filled, primed, and now have a first coat of orange paint. The total cost of my 3'X4' sign? $25.

Now I'll just have to hustle up my inner artiste and make something worth looking at. Pray for me, or whatever it is that you do. This is the bit that gives me a slight case of the collywobbles. No doubt it'll be rougher than whatever I'd get from the sign-shop, but you know what? Good enough for now. And depending on how it turns out, maybe good enough - period. I prefer handmade, if it's well-done with care.

It might start someone talking about massage, and that's as much word of mouth as I've got going for me out here, not really knowing anyone. One of the Epistolarians said that the tongue is like a flame. Good. I need a few flames to get the fire going. It's the right colour for it, eh? ;-)


CG said...

you go girl. love the color.

Madcap said...

I'm loving the colour too. I used to hate orange, but right now I'm stuck on it. This was a bit more intense than the business-card-colour, but the guy at the hardware isn't the playful sort when it comes to paint-mixing, and besides - it'll certainly be visible in the midst of all our snow!

Jim said...

Orange is good, and you're saving $8.64 per square inch. That's over 16 times more expensive than prime Big Bear, California real estate.

There's lake front commercial acreage near us right now for $6.40a square foot, or 53 cents a square inch.

We do get to see a picture of the sign when you're done don't we?

Madcap said...

Gosh, I'll have to see what the going rate per square inch is here on the prairies. That's another way of thinking about things...

Maybe a little bit of the sign? I'm not sure I want to go all exhibitionist. Or I could e-mail you a picture. I'll see what I can wrangle. I'm still waiting for the second base coat to dry before I light my candles and start drafting letters.

CG said...

exhibitionist smitionist. I remember someone named MC talking to us one time about those who would and those who would not show their own faces on their blogs! I am missing yours but I do know what it looks like. I didn't put mine up for a couple years as I remember. I still don't put my kids up at all.

Madcap said...

Yeah, well, a face is one thing, but that sign is going to have my phone number on it!

Right now I don't have a face-picture of myself that doesn't look like I've been dragged backwards through a baler, so the lamp is my present option. The lamp has some symbolism for me too. I'll write about it sometime.

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