Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mind Your Manners

Given the current economic climate, I've been even more motivated lately to cook with ingredients I have in my cupboards, and things that stretch the grocery budget. Peasanty sorts of things.

One of my favourites is Lazy Cabbage Rolls. I'm a lazy cook, so even the name is appealing. I brown up about a pound and a half of hamburger with a lot of chopped onions, mix it up with about 5 cups of cooked brown rice, and season it with salt and pepper and poultry seasoning. While all that's going on, I'm boiling about three cups of chopped cabbage. I smooth the rice/hamburger stuff into the bottom of a casserole pan, layer the top with the cooked cabbage, and then drizzle some tomato sauce over the top and bake it for half an hour.

I love this, but I haven't made it for years because the kids disliked it so much and I had other hills to climb. But I broke out the recipe again a couple weeks ago, and to my astonishment both Poppy and Patch were over the moon about it!

"That was amazing, Mum! Is there more? Can you save some for me for after choir practice?"

and Patch at the table tonight, eyes closed in ecstacy:

"This is soooo goood. It's like manners from heaven."

Er, yes. We could use more manners from heaven around here.

On a tangent... I was truly shocked to my roots to find out that not everybody cooks cabbage rolls, or lazy cabbage rolls, with poultry seasoning.





It looks scrumptious! I love to cook. I make a mean jambalaya and also some rather bueno red chili, if I say so myself. :)

Jim said...


That sounds really good, but I may substitute the ground beef for ground buffalo.

"Manners from Heaven", just delightful!

CG said...

I love peasant cuisine. But I don't think I have any seasoning mixes -- poultry or italian or anything. Just plain spices in jars, most often bought in bulk. I forget most times about the ground beef cuisine because we haven't had much of it because it must be bought. If we kill the cow though, well, then we're looking at a lot of cabbage roll sorts of things (and the lazy type are right up my alley). My mom had one called hamburger pie but that was lazy only because she bought the pie shell and topped it with instant mashed potatoes . . . . (grin) It was good and fun though.

Madcap said...

Constantine - You're making my eyes water! I guess that's how you console yourself in the midst of the snowdrifts.

I'm such a sissy about hot spices, so every now and then I send Himself off to Town to have a meal with a friend in a Thai restaurant, just to make sure he gets his fix.

Jim - It was pretty delightful. He's a bit touchy about being laughed at, but I nearly fell off my chair that time. And I'm sure buffalo would be a great substitute.

CG - How many pounds of meat do you reckon you'd get from your cow? Do you ever raise meat cows?

I'm hoping that I'll manage to get some herbs growing next summer, and be able to dry them into something useful through the year. I guess I'd better figure out exactly what's in this poultry seasoning I like so much so I can mix myself some.