Monday, February 23, 2009

Sheets Happen

Poppy convinced me that she had to go to the thrift shop the other day when we were out and about with other errands, and I'm so glad she did! Turned out that it was $5 Bag Day, where they hand you a plastic shopping bag and you get anything you can stuff into it for $5. Can I stuff, ladies and gentlemen!

We did find some clothes, but my mind was set on other things. Sheets, in particular. My kids had no curtains on their windows, and that's a bit stark when you live beside a Well Travelled Road. (Rurally speaking, of course.) I was hoping for white sheets for raw curtain material. I didn't dare to hope for matching white sheets.

But I got 'em. Three matching double-size white top sheets that look like they came from a hotel. Very nice, really, except for the fact that the lower edge of each one had some horrific oil stains, which would explain why they wound up at the thrift store. I'm still speculating about those stains... Some oilfield worker wore his boots to bed?

At any rate, even cutting those bits out to sew other things to later, I had lots of fabric to make curtains for lots of windows. This house is quite windowy. Working with such large swathes is a bit of a pain in the glutes, but I shuffled the furniture around and managed to lay everything out enough that I could measure and cut and pin.

And now Patch has curtains. Simple enough. He says they're Grecian. Still trying to figure that out.

Poppy's still waiting for real curtains, but I pinned the stained remnants over her windows so she's all enclosed. Who knows what we'll find on our next thrift-store adventure?