Friday, February 27, 2009

Lost Quilt Found

I've been rummaging around in boxes and drawers, trying to organize and streamline life around this place. Such a lot of stuff - mercy! There's a tonne of unpacked items in the 'mart, and since a lot of it has been there for the best part of a year and not much missed, I'm strongly suspecting it doesn't need to dwell in my midst anymore. It's a terrible wrench to think of getting rid of so many books that I loved so much, but what's the point in having them moldering in boxes rather than filling up someone else's life? I keep reminding myself that there's a library... and interlibrary loans... ouch. Still hurts.

Now fabric.... that's a little different. I've got three big bins full, lightweight, keeps indefinitely, turns into practical, warm things. Build a little beauty, create some goodwill, these are good reasons to keep the fabric.

Anyway. I was tidying up a dresser and came across these quilt squares that I'd forgotten about. The pattern is called Pumpkin Seed, and this particular variation is created with interfaced applique. It was a new one for me, and I'm not sure that I'll make another like it, but it was different than my usual straight lines and I'm glad I tried it. Here I am with 12 blocks though, and what shall I do with it?

Do any of you remember that fundraiser quilt I made for the local library about 18 months ago? It had a lot of the same fabrics - these were the remnants, plus some extras. The head librarian loved that quilt, and she bought about 40 tickets herself but didn't win.

Recently she erased a fine for me, a rather heart-stopping fine incurred after the library closed for renos and I misunderstood the re-opening date. We had 20 movies out to last us the duration, as well as a mountain of books. The fine was ... well, heart-stopping, as I already said.

I have all the fabric requirements to finish this quilt on hand, so no further out-of-pocket expenses except for a little matching thread. I believe Madame Librarian is soon to find an anonymous parcel on her desk...


annettelikesrain said...

Such a great opportunity! Getting to do stuff like that makes me feel so good that it almost feels selfish... she's gonna love it. Good work!

Deb said...

That librarian is a saint! She's got some good quilt karma coming her way.

Madcap said...

Annette - You know what REALLY feels good? Getting these unfinished projects done and out of my cluttered house!

Deb - She really is a saint, and I hope this quilt appeals to her. The blocks aren't the dainty sort that the raffle quilt had, so I hope she likes the big "petal" effect too.

jules said...

What a wonderful thing to do.

小貓咪 said...