Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pecked, or Picked?


So. So. So.

So this is the last day at work for Himself. His job has come to the end of the line. We knew this was coming, but it was still a nasty kick in the gut when we found out on Tuesday.

I'd hoped my massage practice would be busier by the time this happened. I'd hoped the other house would have sold, but it still hasn't yet. I'd hoped it would be spring, when the utilities would be a bit lower. I'd hoped the van wouldn't be acting up as much as it is. I'd hoped, I'd hoped, I'd hoped.... but that's not the way it worked out.



We have a very good renter in the other house.

We have our cupboards stocked with real foods, and a decent amount in the freezer. And there's a lot of toilet paper in the bathroom closet - that was on a helluva deal in December.

My practice is picking up, and the clients that come almost all take a fistful of business cards and say they're going to spread the gospel.

It's a lot warmer now than it was a month ago, and spring and the garden are coming. And hopefully chickens. Look favourably upon me, O Great Poultry Goddess, as at a kernel of corn, and peck me! peck me! peck me!


CG said...

I think it is one of those things like deciding to have a child -- there is never really a "good" time. Goodest of luck embarking on this adventure. We've been rasslin' (that's "wrestling" with an accent) with brakes on our vehicles ourselves.

Madcap said...
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Madcap said...

It was a confluence of circumstances that got us into this - I'm hoping the same will get us out.

Trying not to let my gut reactions run away with me.

arcolaura said...

All the best to you. I know that tightness in the gut, as I watch my earnings from last summer dwindle to nothing, like the builder who couldn't finish the tower... I need a job but I'm too busy building. I guess at some point the building may just have to wait until I can pay for the materials.

Wishing you plenty of perky poultry!

Madcap said...

Hi Laura,

That's the problem, isn't it? Either not enough money or not enough time to get all the bits done! I keep telling myself that I need a longer view, where it doesn't all have to be "finished".

arcolaura said...

Ah yes but we have got ourselves in the unwise situation of paying expenses on two houses at once, until we get this one enough finished that we can move back into it. So it's not just money versus time, it's money flowing with time. Not good. But we're close now. I was hoping we could scrape and varnish all the hardwood before we cover it back up with furniture but maybe that will have to be another stage.