Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Mid-Winter's Quiltress

I got this quilt-top pieced this weekend, finally. I had the individual squares done a month ago, but it got shelved and had to wait its turn.

It's a pattern called Disappearing Nine Patch, and there's a great tutorial here. I think this might qualify as the most outlandishly wild quilt I've ever made... I love it! Stripes and polka-dots and gargantuan florals; hot pink, orange, red, purple, teal, gold; a very mid-winter quilt if ever there was one.

For some reason my pictures are all rather faded and misty since I got this new hard-drive. Still working on figuring that out, but these photos still give the general idea.

It's Family Day Weekend in Alberta. Premier Getty anointed this day with oil way-back-when, when his son was busted for drugs. A distraction tactic? Who knows. But it's nice to have a holiday in the middle of February, that's for sure. Someone should have thought of that a long time ago.


Jim said...

Oh, that is beautiful Madcap, and it warms me up just looking at it.

So nice to see some of your quilting work again.

Madcap said...

Thanks Jim!

You know, there may be enough leftovers to host a Poetry In The Potholders contest... ;-)

Sally said...

Just found your site. Ha an Albertan. The Dale Day was funny....Come visit. We are in Edmonton.
Sally and Rufus

小貓咪 said...