Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Rhinotically Healthy New Year

My resolution for 2011 is to blog daily for the month of January. Somehow all this blog business has drifted away on me, but I think it's still a voice I need to exercise, so here I go. No matter how mundane, or inane, I'll blog something every day.

We're ringing in the New Year with a neti pot. I heard about them a couple years ago, but the prospect of pouring water in my nose was too horrifying to contemplate. I mean, really. Water is NOT supposed to go in your nose, is it? That leads to drowning.

But the allergies have been gaining ground, and between that the perennial dryness of the country I live in, I finally started seriously considering neti practice. Yesterday, when I was at the health-food store taking advantage of their year-end sale, I took the leap and bot-the-pot. To all appearances it's the same pot the young woman above uses. Don't expect a homegrown picture of this endeavour. There are limits.

So how was it? Well, after a few false starts and near-drowning moments, I finally caught the wave and it went in one nostril and out the other. I think it helped. I haven't sneezed since, and that's quite a news item. It certainly left me with a well swept out feeling in my sinuses, like a good house-cleaning. Maybe a house-cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, too. They're throbbing a little. Not used to that kind of hydraulic action.

According to the literature with the packaging, on an energetic level it's supposed to enhance communication between the left and right side of the brain and body. That's something I'll have to wait on. Do you think neti could render me more mathmatically inclined? I'd settle for just being able to sort out my own accounting. Or even just making an accurate approximation of how much fabric I need for a quilt back, so I don't have so many leftovers.

Speaking of quilts... I have fallen. Oh, I have fallen. I actually made a cat-quilt. A quilt for the cats out of the cut-down remnants of a baby-quilt. I'm not only a mad quiltress - I'm the mad cat-lady quiltress of Gawdswallop. Ichabod, ichabod. That's how hard I'm working to avoid my studies.

Light a candle for me. I've been enslaved by the feline mind-masters.


Shadowmoss said...

Welcome back to blog land. Good to see you again. Every day in January, huh. Ok, I'm in. I have some pictures to post. I'll do one a day at least. And there are worse fates than being owned by cats. I miss mine, but know they have a good home.

Oh, and my picture was chocolate (white and dark) dipped strawberries. There wasn't anything in the picture for scale. Sorry.

Alecto said...

oh lord, all I can think of is visiting CG and practically getting up under her nose when she did that trying to follow the flow of the water and it's a bloody miracle I didn't take the output in the face!

Happy New Year!

Mercutio said...

I've been doing the nasal cleansing thing for years. I just use a tall glass with warm water, some non-iodized salt, and a wide straw. Throw the head back, hold the breath, and it goes all the way back to come out of the mouth. Spit in the sink, of course.
Does well for colds and such. Helps keep the grinder dust to a manageable level.

Madcap said...

Good Lord. I'm way too sissy for that method. Give me my gentle little nose-top, tip it over and pour it out...

john said...
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