Friday, January 21, 2011

Lap Dance?

Today we got a laptop. It's currently in my lap.

NOT impressed with either the function of the keyboard or the "mouse". I DO like the portability. Will adjust, I'm sure.

Pardon me while I fiddle around!


Shadowmoss said...

If you decide you want your regular keyboard, mouse and monitor, you can put the laptop on a table and plug those things into it. A laptop doesn't mean giving it all up forever. :)

e4 said...

Lori's got a little lap desk with room for the laptop and a wireless mouse.

Personally, I like my little pencil eraser pointer between the G, H, and B keys.

Madcap said...

Yeah, the kids told me about those possibilities before we got it, because I was already a bit grouchy about the "mouse" in the store. But at this point we don't have another mouse, and it's not in the budget immediately. Same with a screen... but I think my eyes are giving out with squinting at textbooks. I want a HUGE computer screen now!

Madcap said...

Oh, and e4, was the eraser an upgrade the kids did for you?