Monday, January 31, 2011

Going, Going, GIVEAWAY!

Here it is January 31, 2011. I blogged every day for a month - go moi!

It's -40C here this fine, frigid morning. A little free-motion association.... cold.... housebound... quilting! Not a big quilt, but a little quilty-something. Fabricky, at any rate. Something for YOU!

So leave a comment, and tell me what you're spending your day with. I'll leave the post up for a few days, let's say three, and after that, I'll pick a lucky winner. Whatever I make, it won't be big or heavy, so I'll ship to anywhere on the planet.*

Don't delay!
Leave a comment today!

*the same one I live on.

(Earth, ya smart-ass!)


Shadowmoss said...

I won last time, so I'm just commenting to say I spent my day with a cold. I did go to work. And, it's probably 80 outside when the sun is shining, and now it's dark and I have my air conditioners on. Ok, that would disqualify me if nothing else did. :)

Angie said...

There you are! I lost track of you sometime ago, and finally found you again. :) I'm going to light candles, place some tomatoe seeds in damp papertowels and baggies to hopefully sprout, and sit by the fire with tea and do a bit of hand-piecing on a small quiltlet. :) Tis a dreary, chilly day, no sun to be seen, and storms are headed our way.

Mimi said...

I have just signed up to follow your blog via Google Reader!! Nice to meet a fellow Canadian. We are also in a deep freeze here in Northwestern Ontario... but I'm getting a little tired of it after almost 3 weeks! As for how I am spending my time... stoking the woodstove!!lol Thanks for your giveaway... whatever it will be!! I love surprises.

Deb said...

Not quite so frigid here in Minnesota. My area has even managed to escape much of the snow that has blanketed the rest of the state. I'm just coming undone dealing with finances and a blown tire this morning. A brand new tire two months ago. Ugh.