Monday, January 24, 2011

...but it pours.

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More sad news today. Kate, who authored the blog "In This Quiet Life", passed away suddenly yesterday afternoon of a brain hemorrhage from a falling injury. We'd only become acquainted in the past year.

Kate loved her family, birds, flowers, cooking. She was thoughtful, and kind, and looked for the unexpected. A lovely, quiet life.

Anytime we weave our lives together, you notice the thread when it's unraveled.

All the best as you travel on, Kate. I'm sorry to see you go.


Bernard said...

Beautifully written MC.
I could only manage a picture of a rose from my garden, as words in situations like this desert me.


Goodness. The last two posts....I will remember them tonight. I recently experienced the loss of a loved one who was instrumental in my early upbringing. Death has been prominent lately in the circles in while I "travel." Maybe it's because I'm getting older.

Madcap said...

Bernard, I think that a picture of a flower is the very best way to remember Kate. They're what she delighted in. Thank you for stopping in here to let me know.

Constantine - I was thinking the same thing, that perhaps this is how it is after a certain point. Jim was a bit older, but I'm definitely noticing that death is cropping up more in my age-peers (more or less) too. I suppose it's a call to really sink into life while we're here and live with our eyes open.