Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Natural Progression




"Well Being" Is that your moniker?

Madcap said...

Yup, that's me - only one in town!

Kate said...

What a cute little kitty. He's determined that's for sure.

Madcap said...

He's a she, actually. Maggie. Short for Magpie. And Magnet.

Jim said...

'Well Being' is a wonderful name for your practice, it is what we should all practice each & every day. Love the playful kitten, just like a kid.

my verification word is
ousteous? ;~)

Madcap said...

Ousteous. The internal state of inclination to give the boot unto.

Maggie never neglects to have fun. The other two cats are very dutiful and catch their mice, but Maggie sees her duty as contributing to the overall delightfulness of the world at large.

Well being for sure! That's a never-ending journey.