Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day Pass

Because it made me LAUGH!

I wonder how his "back" is following treatment?

There's a reason why legitimate massage therapists continue to look for a new job title!



GRIN! That is funny!

Madcap said...

Imagine what I could accomplish for the better if I had that much chutzpah!

Kate said...

That is priceless, the whole thing, including the last bit.
".. he had to drive himself around after his driver was convicted of dealing drugs from the official car."

Oh why can't we have elected officials like that, politics would be so much more entertaining, I could even imagine voting for that guy just for the laughs.

Thanks for sharing that.

Jim said...

You're making me LAUGH too!

After all, you did have the chutzpah to illustrate this post with a pair of blue balls (even if they are Baoding Balls)!

I've been chuckling since last night and trying to restrain myself from commenting.

Alas, my resolve has faded.

Oh, the yin & yang of it all...

...chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, guffaaaawwwwww!

Madcap said...

Kate - Poor thing, eh? Had to drive himself around because the driver got busted!

But really, I prefer to be entertained by other people's politics. Locally, I like it nice and dull.

Jim - You're seeing right through me, gar-dang-it! How am I going to maintain my facade as a pleasantly innocuous middle-aged lady if you keep blowing my cover?!