Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last day of the Christmas holiday, and we finally got the Christmas presents finished. The hand-finishing on the binding, the last cookies baked and tinned, and a batch of wine bottled and labeled for the giving.


And next week.... midterms.

Saints preserve me!


Kate said...

No no, not Christmas presents, but Happy New Year presents!
They look wonderful. The wine bottle holder is intriguing, and yup, I looked at how to make the coasters and am going to try this.


I'm with Kate--the wine bottle thingamajig is intriguing. :)

Madcap said...

That's a bottle tree, to let them drip dry after sterilizing. Chive got it as part of the kit he purchased when he first started winemaking. I thought it looked like it needed its picture taken.

Kate, I'm glad you're going to give the coasters a whirl - so easy! Have fun!