Friday, January 1, 2010

The Little Things

We live an unfinished life.

And by that, I don't mean that we're not dead yet, though that's certainly true, and there is much unfinished business, and many songs unsung, etc. etc. I'm talking about my closets.

We have many closets. Storage is a big issue, and in this house I wanted lots of room for dry goods, like rice and sugar and toilet paper and such. So Himself made much of the available nooks and crannies while he was planning the renovation, and built in a pantry and a broom closet, and a cold room, and thus we have a lot of room for storage.

We have a lot of room designated for storage. What we do not have is shelves in that designated roomage. You know what a closet with no shelves is? Floor space behind doors. An appendix for hairball capture.

So for Christmas, not needing anything or having much desire for frivolities (except for uninterrupted time alone to study, which is too much to ask, apparently), I begged for shelves in the bedroom closets. Trim I can manage without, but falling over packing boxes filled with everyday-used items was wearing me a little thin.

Yesterday, blessed yesterday, the last day of the last year, the last coat of pain went on and I HAVE CLOSET SHELVES in the bedrooms!!!

Added bonus - Since Chive had all the needful equipment out and about, I casually mentioned that knobs on the doors would be nice too, rather than scooping down to open them by the underside.


Rather than swooning with delight, which would be dramatic but impractical, I went on a cooking spree this morning and made a GF pie (first ever!), pumpkin pudding, and a apple/almond/chicken broth rice casserole to take to a party this afternoon, where I can gloat about my shelves and knobs.

This apple just looked so cool after I'd diced it up that I had to take a picture, for our mutual gratuitous viewing pleasure.

Anyway, time to gather up the foodments, take the bread out of its private oven, and be on our way!

Shelves! Knobs! Hallelujah!


annettelikesrain said...

not... having much desire for frivolities

Yes, I'm right there with you on the practical stuff. Wanna know what my best friend got me for Christmas? (Sorry if this is uncomfortable info for some) She got me a ginormous crate of tampons and pads. I was utterly pleased. Man does that gal know me well. Now I'm laughing at myself.

CG said...

Hey, I got a SHOWER this year! Not for Christmas, but that was what got done on the house -- some work on the bathroom which included actually installing the shower hardware.

Shadowmoss said...

I think that's one reason I love this new apartment so much, everything works. Cabinets and shelves are level and solid, doors open (and stay open rather than swinging shut again without some stopper), and if something doesn't work I just stop by the office and put in a work order and amazingly it works when I get home after work. Bland, beige, but square and level and convenient. Who knew these places existed? I'm sure I'll be ready for quirky again when it's time to move, though.

Madcap said...

Annette - I'm laughing too! That's the ultimate in practical! Next year are you going to ask for a Diva Cup?

CG - First of all, I'm about ready to swoon on your behalf for the joy of showers. To hijack a phrase, showers are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Secondly, how come you're the only person whose comments go through to my e-mail? Weird.

Shadowmoss - As much as I like eccentric, door closure falls higher on my list of desires. Enjoy it while it lasts!