Sunday, May 24, 2009

We Are Legion... Almost

We have a dog.

The name she came with was Justice, but Mercy might have been a better virtue. Or Amity. Or Docility. Stern Justice just isn't so much in her nature. So now she's Jess, which I figure is close enough to the original that she won't be completely unaware that we're addressing her, but makes me a bit more comfortable calling her. Rather than calling for Justice, which would have a rather naive air about it, really. Justice. Ha.

She's an indeterminate cross between Bernese Mountain Dog and Husky. This makes her somewhat larger than I was strictly looking for, but she's not too enormous, and has the sort of coat that will allow her to live comfortably outside even out here on the prairies during winter.

We have a dog. Good Lord.

She's digging in the yard, but she doesn't bark, loves the kids, has a sweet temperment, and probably won't live more than 10 years total. She's 4 and a half now. I think I'll be able to handle it that long.

We now have a cat, a kitten, and a dog. I've got a hundred chicks arriving on Thursday.

We'll have gone from zero to 103 in six months. Population explosion.

And there's something wrong with my camera. When I first got it, the colours were fairly true. Now they all look sort of washed-out and overexposed, even on a sunny day in the shade. Drat. Oh well. Hardly a priority at this point.



A veritable menagerie working! :)

So, is Jess’s coat sufficient for the harshest, bitterest of Canadian winter days?

Madcap said...

Hi Constantine,

I'm sure it is. It's incredibly thick, and both Huskies and the Bernese were bred to be outside working dogs in harsh climates.

It's the summer I think she's going to have the most trouble with, poor thing.

e4 said...

My camera did the exact same thing. I called the manufacturer (Nikon) and they had me ship it to them. I was sad to be without it for a few weeks. But they fixed it for free. Then it did the same thing again a year later, and they fixed it again for free. Here's hoping they got it right this time. So far so good.

Congrats and good luck on the dog and the peeps. The adventure continues...

Madcap said...

That's a pretty useful bit of information, e4! I think I'll give the Elph people a call tomorrow.

Yup, the adventure continues, that's for sure...