Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Weekend

The Victoria Day Long Weekend is traditionally when we plant our garden. Usually it's warm enough that the soil's thawed. And it was. But Lord, it was cold outside! Snowflakes and wind swirling all around us.

We didn't actually plant, just staked out the beds and moved the manure onto them. The kids poured it on, and I spaded it in. Quite the family endeavour. Nice to all be working at something together, at least for a while. It's not always like that around here, that we can all pitch in as a unit and not only tolerate each other but actually get into high production, but we're learning. And I imagine that somedays it'll be like that, and some days it won't. We'll take it as it comes.

We have four rows, 3'X42', and Himself is planning some sort of French rowcover thing with binder twine laced over the plastic in order to keep it from blowing into the next county. He's reading Four Season Harvest, I'm reading Root Cellaring. What can I say? I tend to live in the future. So far we're agreed on beets, carrots, peas, potatoes, lettuce, chives, onions.

And... today we went to see a man about a dog. A man, a woman, and two kids, to be more precise. Looks like we're about to be dog-owners sometime in the near future. She's part Husky. Good thing. It wasn't that long ago I remember -35.

Talk about untrammelled growth. I swear, the whole place is leaping forward like we're all on chick-starter!

Yikes! It's really happening!


gfid said...

i had to run and get a sweater, just looking @ these photos. brrrrrr! been snowing here all day, and much of yesterday. yuletide greetings!

Madcap said...

Yeah, we had a day and a half of snow too. Aaargh!

clairesgarden said...

sympathy for the snow!! and I thought it was bad here.....
the more manure the better!! good luck with the garden growing!!

Madcap said...

Hi Claire,

Well, at least it was moisture. Considering all the fires in the area, it's hard to argue to strongly against moisture in just about any form at all.

Good luck with your garden too! We finally got ours planted out this weekend.