Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Our fine, pocket-gopher-killin' kitty has a bit of dramatic flair about her.

She showed up all de-pregnified on Easter morning, then acted for weeks as if she had nothing to show for it. Yesterday afternoon, Mother's Day, she followed Poppy into the auction mart bleachers (where Miss Poppy practices singing), waited until the show was over, wandered over to a crack in the top row and called out a kitten!

Just one. Due to her rotundity on the penultimate day of her pregnancy, I'm going to hazard a guess that there were at least two others that didn't survive. Kind of a blacky, grey-y little body; I think it's a male. Hard to tell in the depths of an abandoned auction mart, and especially when any equipment is on the microscopic side. He seems to have a friendly outlook on life, and Roxanne is certainly proud of him.

Patch suggested we call him Asher (y'know, ashes and soot and all). He's got a friend named Asher as well. Then he revised it to "Ashfur", which somehow doesn't roll off the tongue in quite the same way.

Our farm's first baby!


e4 said...

Great story. :)

CG said...

maybe just plain Ash, like on Pokemon? Just think, the little thing opened its ears to the only sounds being Poppy singing!

arcolaura said...

In spite of having watched the gradual demise of numerous litters of feral cats in our neighbourhood, I somehow refused to believe that Roxanne's kittens were all gone. Delightful!

Madcap said...

e4 - I'm afraid you might hear "the REST of the story" far too often... I'm somewhat besotted!

CG - Today the kids are calling him Soot. I guess we'll see what settles out. I didn't realize there was a Pokemon character named Ash.

Poppy singing, the pigeons singing, his mother singing - who knows what kind of prodigy we'll have on our hands?

Laura - Well, it was certainly odd that her teats continued to look "used", but it's been such a long time since I was around cats that I didn't feel sure of that. Actually, I thought maybe she was already pregnant again.

Delightful is right. I'm already looking forward to the next litter. I think I should go soak my head in cold water.