Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just Thinking...

You know, this morning when I read the news article about the Pope's reception in Israel, I started thinking about his election. There are, I think, about 120 cardinals eligible to vote among themselves for the next pope, and after deliberating amongst themselves, and everyone considering everyone else's potential liabilities in the post, they picked him. They picked someone with a past history of Nazi membership.

Now, I have absolutely no opinion of his complicity in the Nazi machine, but even if he was wholly innocent of any willful, personal wrongdoing, it looks terrible.

Out of 120 potential candidates, they figured he was the most likely one....

What does that say about the rest of them? I mean,

a) They didn't think it was a big deal,


b) He was the one with the fewest, most discreet skeletons in his closet.


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