Friday, May 15, 2009


There's a lot of growth happening around this place.

The kitten, of course, growing at a small mammal's greatly accelerated pace. It's really quite astonishing how quickly the little animals mature, compared to us; how quickly they go from being an easy snack to being the snack-er.

We're certainly hoping that somebody makes a snack of the new pocket-gopher. Honestly! Just get rid of one, and before we've properly finished crowing over its remains, there's a new mound in the front yard! Roxanne has been rather preoccupied with her kitten's recent mobility and keeping him from falling to his death from the top bleacher in the auction mart (I'm going to assume that mother knows best, but I have to say that I wouldn't choose to keep a toddler up there....), so she hasn't been on ground patrol. And this is what happens to farm security. Huh.

All those dead trees I was lamenting? NOT DEAD AFTER ALL! Land-o-Livin'! There are buds coming out on all three, even the cherry that the deer stripped the bark off of. And the haksap that got mowed to nothing by the hired un-help last summer, even it's regenerated. So we've got a total of 2 haksaps, one cherry-bush, a long row of raspberries, a strawberry bed, one each Brookgold and Brookred plum trees, a September Ruby apple tree, and an Evans Cherry tree. Wow! This year I want to add a crabapple, not to mention a some fertilizer. I figure with all those different varieties, we're sure to always get some form of fruit coming up, even if every year isn't good for every sort.

I'm so pleased that everything didn't die over the winter. I guess sometimes even when things look dead, they're just dormant.