Sunday, January 18, 2009


It was so beautifully warm and soft today that I took a break from painting doors and doing dishes and went for a little walkabout with the cat. Nothing much to say about it, but this is where I live, on the plainest plain. Lord, it's so flat here!

And yes, we have a cat. She showed up about 2 weeks after we did and adopted us. Patch named her Roxanne, but mostly she's "Puss" or "Pudski" or "Catski". And yes, we're still allergic, but she's an outside cat and a good spirit and a good mouser, so she's very welcome to our goodwill and meat-scraps.

Things work out. So far. At least, that's my impression today.


jules said...

I have one that looks just like her, minus the white patches. She looks like a very nice cat, and a good mouser is always welcome!

Madcap said...

Hi Jules,

She is a nice cat. When she arrived she was extremely wild and hissy; I think she'd been abused. Now sometimes (like right now) she'll come yuuling at my window just for a bit of attention and stroking. And I'm such a doting mummy that I give it to her, in spite of the allergies. I roll up my sleeves and love her up, and then come back into the house with my arms out in front of me so as not to contaminate my clothes and go disinfect myself. A couple years ago even that wouldn't have been possible, so I'm very thankful to be able to stroke fur again, even if it's not exactly a cuddle.

小貓咪 said...