Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Little Bits

You know, it's not that I don't have anything to say at all. It's just that it's all rather finite. For example:

All this fuss over the new Icelandic prime-minister's sexual orientation, the North American media bleating about her being the first openly gay leader of a country. Oh honestly. I'm so entirely fed up with the sexual preoccupation of our culture, that the most newsworthy thing about a political leader is his/her sexual preferences and peccadilloes. Could we PLEASE stop peeping into bedroom windows and focus on what kind of record our leaders have politically? Is it too much to ask that some sort of veil of modesty could be decently redraped over that part of life?


I'm a little discouraged about how not off-the-ground my massage practice is. Which is foolishly premature of me, since I only put the ad in the paper last week and this is an extremely cautious sort of area about anything new. But oh, I miss the work so much, and I'm (gulp, blush) really good at it. I've been able to restore function to recalcitrant shoulders and feet and hips, and that's no small potatoes in a working class town. It's real. I've had an osteopathic student sharing techniques with me that give me so many extra, and very effective, tools to help people with. Oh well. It'll come. I went to talk to the physio in the next town this morning about sharing space with her, and she's pleased about that. She'll make a little extra income in her off-time, and I'll get the extra exposure and referrals. Hopefully I'll be busy soon!

In the meantime there's a lot of snow that still needs shovelling, and doors that need hanging. And massage sheets that need some serious degreasing. Lord, does that stuff build up!


You never know until you don't have it how important storage is. We have closets and pantries galore. What we don't have, O my brothers and sisters, is bars and shelves in them!

Thus, I'm awfully excited about this:

Something up and out of the way!