Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another stab at integration...

It's so easy to set up dichotomies, and I fall into it without realizing. Even when I think I'm deliberately creating a way out, usually I'm just forking another path, creating another pair. This or That. Yes or No. Right or Wrong.

It's not choosing. It's letting go of the choice and choosing it all, gathering all the broken pieces into my heart and watching the kaleidoscope form. And re-form. And transform. And all the sharp edges meet and hold each other, spinning and twisting their eternal pictures and stories, and there's no bleeding, just beauty.

I choose it all. Even when I can't contain it, I still choose it. Maybe especially then. I can only choose to sacrifice my meagerness and dichotomies, deconstruct instead and recognize that I'm only a momentary wave on this ocean. Even when it hurts.

For every thing there is a season
And a time for every purpose under heaven...


Ophelia Dreaming said...

Yes. Thank you.

Jim said...

Are dichotomies not transformational, like the defining edges between yin and yang, integral to the evolutionary design of life, where DNA incessantly experiments with re-combinations of its switching mechanisms to come up with abundant diversity to ensure the success and sustainabilty of the whole?

The only constant is change, which can't be contained, and I am here as part of that, dutifully slapping my little ripples against the rigid shores of today as evolution uses me, and the rest of creation, to fabricate tomorrow.

We are all integrated into the whole, where blackness once prevailed, where dinosaurs once roamed, where machines now consume grains while people starve.

The dichotomies I see are not threats to the whole, only to certain ways of living, and the species affected by it. Individual species all come and go eventually.

And, while we're here, we'll sing our songs of love and hate, of joy and sorrow, of passion and complacency, of fear, and anger.

It's all part of the whole, the yin and yang of integral change.

"For every thing there is a season
And a time for every purpose under heaven..."


I can't seem to post from here from my normal log-in today???

Madcap said...

Hello again,

Resurfacing after a particularly violent respiratory 'flu. Yeesh!

I guess what I've been thinking about is that a dichotomy is "two" limiting, since it's either/or, and really the possibilities are so many. I wish my brain would open up to the bigger picture more readily, rather than defaulting to this dualistic system.

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