Thursday, June 10, 2010

We Went to the Lake

Sunday morning I announced that I was going to the lake. Any cheerful, polite folk in the vicinity were welcome to come with me. The sibling rivalry was uninvited. Surprisingly enough, three other people made the trip too.

And the canoe, Chive's "mid-life crisis". Some men need a little red Corvette.
He got a little red canoe. He's good that way.

We packed amid the other events of the day, and arrived with a vanload of food. It was quickly devoured as canoe-fuel. Life-jackets were duly snapped on, and away we went.

It was an unbelievably beautiful afternoon. I don't remember the last time I enjoyed myself that much. I've been under a grey sky for longer than I can remember, but the sun is definitely breaking through at regular intervals now. I sat there with a paddle in my hand and just laughed. My heart was light on the water.

We went a few kilometres and sighted a sandy(ish) little beach to pull into.

Patch was the first one up on the shore, and within seconds he was calling. "Mum! Quick! Bring your camera!" There were four swallow-tails resting on the sand in the shade, their wings spread out wide. I crept as softly as I could, but they took flight. Eventually one came back to rest. And do you see the deer tracks? Everyone comes to the water sooner or later.

The colours are lovely, especially up close.

Wading in the cold water was fabulous. I think I raised the core temperature of the lake by seveal degrees, all by myself. My feet have been really hot lately, and I barely felt the cold bite at all.

We splashed around and threw driftwood back from whence it came and stalked the butterflies which continued to circle after I disturbed them. And eventually it was over, the moment was sated, and we tipped ourselves back into the canoe and headed for home.

Unaccountably, in spite of all that went before, it was a truly beautiful afternoon. I think I'll remember this one for a long, long time.


CG said...


Deb said...

Sounds like you and I are at about the same stage of getting out from under the grey skies. Glad you and the family had such a wonderful time.

Madcap said...

CG - Yes, it was. Made me long to live by the lake.

Deb - I'm going to figure that there's some over-arching good reason for those grey skies, but right now I'm just so glad to be OUT!

Jim said...

What a beautiful day you shared with us here, and yes, many of us boys need a little red Corvette of one sort or another. I'm out here on the beer garden patio right now playing with our new laptop...

clairesgarden said...


shaktimama said...

Sounds beautiful, Madcap. Those days are so precious, those that stay in the memory and remind us of how stunning life can be, how light-filled and joyous.

Madcap said...

Jim - oooh, a laptop! Is it red? ;-) I've been thinking about a laptop myself lately, as well as some discreet recording equipment to take to my lectures next year. It would certainly be nice to "take notes" that way.

Claire - Hello! It was lovely indeed. We'll have to do that again this summer.

Juliana - The whole time I was out there I was trying to squeeze as much sensation as I could into my memory circuits, so I could recollect everything!