Saturday, June 5, 2010

This Day In Pictures


Juliet and Lolita

Maggie, in her favourite sleeping position.

Poppin' Peas!

Micro-lettuce, with a macro-lens.



shaktimama said...

Your cat is so cute :). This is the same sort of abandon I love seeing in Luna (as you so acutely pointed out in that post!). Rabbits too! I wonder if Luna will be a rabbit sort of girl. I wasn't when I was young ... I don't think I understood enough about them to every really want one as a pet, though I do recall we owned one for a short while before my mom found a new home for them (she did this with all animals she brought home!).

Madcap said...

Well, these three are breeding stock, so I guess they're pets, but ultimately we're raising meat-rabbits. They're much larger than the standard pets. We're omnivores, and we like to take the responsibility of raising our own food, both animal and vegetable.

We're allergic to furry beasts, so we've never had them in the house. I'm not sure whether rabbits can be trained to use a litter-box (I'm assuming yes), but that would certainly be a necessity. They pee prodigiously!

But on another track... I believe the Chinese talk about the "Moon Rabbit", as opposed to the Man in the Moon. Maybe your moon-girl will have an affinity!