Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kittens. Yes, Again.

Soot (elder brother), Marmalade, Maggie, and Raggie. My favourite kittens, all lined up waiting for a picture. Badger (who used to be Maggie II, but earned herself an individual name by being extraordinarily ornery and grouchy) and Bleach weren't brave enough to make the long walk from the barn to the back porch.

Tomorrow is the first of November, and I think I remember that some people do a sort of forced-march blogging in November. I need that. Need some sort of boot in the arse to get the juices flowing.

Here's the Solemn Swear: I'm gonna blog me a blog every loving day in November. Maybe pictures, maybe not. Maybe even a picture without words. Maybe short, maybe long. But there'll be something, by Jingo, or .... or I'll be very disappointed in myself.

So there.

Yes, that's a threat.


an encourager said...

I love the name Marmalade for a kitten. My cat died in February, and my husband asked me not to replace it. Wah! It's nice to get to see your little troop!

Deb said...

Looking forward to your November blogging! I should take up that challenge myself.

Madcap said...

Believe me, Encourager, if you want a kitten I'm willing to share! But not Marmalade - he's my baby!

Deb, I'd love it if you'd take the pledge and join me on the blogging wagon! I see you posted today - let's hold hands.

annettelikesrain said...

Okay, I'll play too. But I am promising myself to NOT be disappointed if I don't quite make it. After all, even blogging only MOST days will be an improvement over the last few months.

(and blogger better not eat this post again!)

Madcap said...

Yay! Yeah, don't sweat it if it doesn't work out for every day. I'm giving myself lots of leeway, since I'm "allowed" to just post a picture if that's all I can rustle-up.

Jim said...

I'm feeling blogged out lately but maybe your renewed enthusiasm will put a boot up my arse too!


Madcap said...

Great! I'm looking forward to that. Nice to see you out and about again.