Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kittens.... Again.

Miss Puss thwarted me. She must have heard me say that I was going to have her spayed after she was done nursing #1 Son, and slyly continued to nurse him right through another pregnancy. So we have five more! Yikes! This time, it's the 10 week mark and no qualifiers.

They are:

Marmalade (M)
Bleach (b/c he looks like a bleached version of Marmalade) (M)
Maggie 1 (short for Magpie, b/c she's b&w) (F)
Maggie 2 (see above) (F)
Rags (short for Ragtime Gal) (F) a little callie/tortoiseshell.

And Soot, of course, the only survivor of the first batch. He's pretty jealous, and is just begging to get his nuts nipped with his aggressive behaviour. Trying to chew through a kitten's neck isn't the best way into my good books. He's on notice.

Seven cats.

This wasn't the sort of livestock I'd envisioned when we started this venture...


Deb said...

Where is Miss Puss finding her boyfriends? ;) Watch out, you'll end up like me with a herd of domestic outdoor kitties. I wish I could spay them myself...

Madcap said...

I don't know; she's never brought any of them home for dinner!

Does 7 qualify as a herd? Seems like a herd. I'm thinking of asking the vet if she has group rates for fixing. I don't want to be homebase for hundreds of feral cats, and at this rate it would only be a year or two!

clairesgarden said...

very cute! but spaying and neutering essential in the very near future!

Madcap said...

Hi Claire,

Yup! Miss Puss has an appointment with her private specialist.