Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Bigger Picture

As the kids got older, they resisted more and more having their pictures taken. And they certainly don't want them on a blog.

But tonight I wish I could take a picture. I'm pretty proud.

Mostly because they're my kids.

But particularly tonight because now they're both working "real" jobs. With gusto. And that's a beautiful thing at 14 and 15. I guess we didn't screw them up irreparably.

They're both doing manual labour, for different people. In both cases, because they'd been "checked out" while working at other jobs. I love these lessons. We've always told them that anything they're doing out and about gets noticed, but to have it come home like that is an excellent thing. They get it, for real.

And tonight I'm pretty proud. It's so cool to see your kids growing up and being so independent. Not that we want rid of them, but it's good to see that they can make it without you if and when they need or want to.

Did I mention that I'm feeling pretty proud?


clairesgarden said...

good job done!!! clapping!!

Madcap said...

Yup, big smiles all round!

WILDSIDE said...

Wonderful! Hats off to you (& them)!!!

Mercutio said...

Our first snow of the season today, a dusting.

Karen said...

Well HEY!
Congratulations, Momma, for a job well done!

Janie said...

OK, Hey its Mom of oz, I totally want to connect with you, this is silly but how'd you find me, do we know each other in real life and I'm brain farting? anyway how can I find you on facebook?

Madcap said...

Thanks Karen!

Hi there Janie, if you go to my profile there's an e-mail link. I think I first found you through a home-birth site? It's been a while!
Anyway, e-mail me and we can chat a little less publicly.

And Karen, I'd love to connect with you too, if you're up for that!

Janie said...

sorry to be obnoxious, I can't see your email and clicking on the link makes me set up outlook :( want to email me - oyakawa (at) gmail.