Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day 2011

We're feeling that St. Patrick is perhaps not pulling his weight in the weather department. It's his Big Day, and we're barely inching up to 0C during the day, considerably colder than that at night. Here's Patch, tending the Lucky Shamrock Fire, with which we beseech the Blessed Green Man for some greenery. Even dandelion greens would do. Ahem.

I have chlorophyll envy. I trawl the netblogs, drooling over other people's quackgrass. So sad.

On the home front... well, what's not on the home front? I work and study at home, as well as all the standard home-stuff. There are small things, you know? Like a nicely folded stack of tea-towels. I don't know why this does what it does for me, but I love to see them like that, folded RIGHT (not WRONG, like some people fold them), especially when they're stacked on my pantry shelf waiting for me. In the midst of the general chaos of this place, it soothes my rumpled heart to see a small corner of order.

The physiology continues apace. A slow pace. My clients keep asking me when I'll be an acupuncturist, and I keep telling them what a very long story this will be. It's a three-year, full-time program, so at the rate I'm going, we're looking at another four years, for sure. Maybe five. But every single clinic day I'm chomping at that bit. People need it! It helps to heal injuries new and old, lets people sleep at night, modulates blood sugar and hot flashes, and... and... and... So I keep referring them out, and wishing I could provide it myself. Someday.

I'm terribly conflicted about where I'll set up my practice. Some days I know I need to stay here, and some days I know I need to be in the city. I like small communities, but I'm terribly lonely for opportunities to learn and be challenged. How do I meet both needs? I want it all!

Miss Mut (rhymes with "foot"). Puss. Pussle-sprouts. My totem cat. Torties have rather, erm, forceful personalities, and the Dear Children are constantly pointing out the similarities. Oh those Dear Children. Why do I let them sleep indoors?

Limes. It's St. Patrick's Day, and I wanted to celebrate a bit, so I found some limes at the Co-Op, and a lime-pie recipe on the internet. Just in case anyone doesn't know, lime pie isn't green. At all. (I was hoping it would at least be greenish, but sadly it was not to be.) But the taste is - ooooooh! Very green! But not in an Irish-y sort of way. More a Carribean green, a lovely, tart, drooly, Carribean green.

Forget supper - let's go straight for dessert!

And sweet little Maggie, perturbed. "What?" she says, "Do I look like blog-fodder?" Yup. Green eyes. Fair game today!


Seonaid said...

I am also partial to a nicely folded stack of towels. Not tea towels, because mine don't match. But yours look lovely.

Actually, I have a secret fondness for laundry. Maybe I will have to write a post about it, and then it will be secret no more.

Madcap said...

Please do! My favourite laundry is my massage linens. They're all exactly the same, and they sit in tidy folded piles and smell like TKO. Divine. Clothing laundry I could live without.

Mercutio said...

Lucky Shamrock indeed, to have a nice little fire on a day like that.

Not so particular about the towels myself, but the pants & shirts are always folded into thirds. It gives the shirts a bit nicer look than to have a big line right down the middle.
The navy ruined me for clothes-folding for the rest of my life. I feel a bit elated every time I fold my pants right-side-out. A small bit of rebellion on my part.

btw, my code word is "chiesses," if that gives you any ideas.
I'm thinking "sandwich;" which is pretty much the same thing I've been thinking for the past week, so I'm open to new ideas.
I have it on good word that you eat like kings up there.

Kate said...

Oh, the folding of laundry! It's so darn important to get the fold keen and clean and right. I know exactly what you mean.

Acupuncture skills are not lightly acquired and worth waiting for. I salute you for investing in them.

Madcap said...

Mercutio, I didn't know you were in the navy! Learn sumpin' new every day, huh? I'm afraid I don't have any guesses based on your WV, but I can highly recommend raw rutabaga strips. With dip, if you like. Also roast chicken, potatoes, Caesar salad. And when those are ready, call me for dinner, because nobody seems to be making supper around this place!

Hello Kate, and thanks for dropping in! Yes, trying to keep studies going at the same time as running a family and a business is taxing me to my utmost. I could wait, and do it when the kids hit the "magic" age of 18, but I suspect it wouldn't be much different. So I'll do it now, and have a very useful skill a few years hence.

Glad to see I'm not alone in the laundry department!