Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hey, Sweetie!

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And the winner of the Sweetheart Madcap Giveaway is.....

For being first, valentonality, and reminding me of hot-water-bottles (my seasonal obsession), Kate of Another Thing Or Two is Winner #1!

In the "Limerick" category, the hands-down Winner #2 is.... Mary Anne! She is to be congratulated on not only utilizing the limerick form, but incorporating plot development and encouragement towards physical phitness.

And Winner #3, in our Harlequin division, with extra merit for flattery, is Jim of Earth Home Garden!

Send me some e-mails with addresses!


Kate said...

OMG! That's wonderful. But I truly didn't expect to win anything, because of the postage.

So I'm sorry, I can't accept - the postage costs really are huge.
I sent some documents to relatives-of-relatives who live in St George, Utah, just before Christmas and I was shocked at how much it cost and that was just an envelope of papers.

But a sincere thankyou anyway.

Madcap said...

Kate, are you sure? I've shipped things overseas before, and I'm familiar with the costs. It would be light, and flat.

Mary Anne, will you send me an address via e-mail?

Now that the contest is over, I guess I should get sewing, huh?!

Jim said...

Was I kissing up again???

Madcap said...

Hope so!

If I get mentioned in the same breath as the lovely Peggy, it's welcome flattery!

I'm presently in the midst of fabrickerie, seeking whom I may devour.

Kate said...

Sure I'm sure. :)
It was enough just to be a winner. YAY!!! That made me feel really good.

Talking of good, hope the weather is improving at your end.