Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Controlled Substances

The world of vice is opening up. Soon, even the squarest among us will have the pleasure of being I.D.'ed to obtain our quilty pleasures...

... if this article is any indication.

"Common sense is very uncommon."
-Horace Greely


Kate said...

That cashier is going to spend all day checking ID's! Yes, they do need to use some of that uncommon sense.
I was asked for ID when I tried to buy a bottle of wine at a supermarket recently. You only need to show ID if they think you're 18 or under. I've got kids older than that, so assumed the cashier was being cheeky. He wasn't, at least not in the usual sense.
The whole world is going crazy. :(

Mercutio said...

When they start carding for tamales, I'd better just keep my ID out.