Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fecundity Jones

And I nearly forgot the Big News!

I'm a grandma!

Our cat showed up Easter morning howling with hunger and half the size she was 12 hours earlier - our "farm" had its first babies!

Baby pictures to follow, as she deems it allowable. We have no idea where the kittens are, but she shows up every few hours to eat and get a little mother-care. She'll probably drag them over in a couple weeks or so.


Deb said...

congratulations to you and her! And I can't believe that snow; hope it's not headed this way!

CG said...

hey WE'VE had snow, laying on the ground snow, at some point in each of six consecutive months! Unprecedented! congrats on the babies!

Madcap said...

Good morning Deb,

The temperatures are fluctuating so much that the snow was mostly gone by yesterday evening. No promises that there won't be more, though, and nights are still well below freezing. This is why we don't plant out until the May long weekend... I'm afraid I don't know which way that storm was headed, but it's a long way from my door to yours!

Hi CG - I'm glad to hear about your snow, in light of the Big Dry you had last summer. I hope the moisture sticks with you through the growing season.

That cat! She's all wonky on hormones. Before she hardly wanted us to touch her, now she stands in the porch and yells at us until we come out and hold her and cuddle her.

小貓咪 said...