Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, Snow Day

As usual, that was faux spring we were experiencing for the past couple weeks, all that sunshine... This is a real Albertan spring. Sleet, snow, small lakes everywhere. Power outages. How bracing! How character-building! How Albertan! My husband even got sent home from work, not because it's too cold, but because it's too dangerous to be climbing the scaffolds.

He's working again, btw. Hallelujah!

Some of the leavings of the Easter Feaster. I broke out of my rut and bought melons and pineapples - oh delightsome! Such a treat, and much easier on my middle-aged mind and gut than a pound of chocolate. We chocolate-dipped the kids, of course. I'm not such an iconoclast as all that.

Sometimes I wonder what my dirt thinks of this sort of exotic compost...

Patch's Easter Joke:

What's the name of Jesus' rock band?

The Rolling Stones!

He picks up a lot of the stories, for an agnostic who doesn't go to church.

And this is the Librairian's Quilt, almost finished. All I have left to do is the hand-stitching on the binding. It goes this week!

I've learned a lot in the last few years about machine quilting, without ever having taken a class. Needles matter. For my machine they matter a LOT. My Juki wants a quilting needle, accept no substitutes, or the thread will break and stitches will skip. Practice helps. When I first started I couldn't stitch a freemotion smooth curve to save my soul. Now it's usually pretty easy, unless I'm working in the midsection of a biggish quilt. Taking a break is important. If I don't take a break, the work suffers.

All good lessons. The right tools, practice, being sensible. Too bad I can't take my quilting and apply it to all the other rough spots in my life!

And now, there's a binding that needs my attention.


annetteinalaska said...

Sometimes I wonder what my dirt thinks of this sort of exotic compost...I love this!

Madcap said...

When I think about it too long I get really messed up about what "local" and "native" mean!