Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Greenhouse, As Advertised

This isn't a great shot, I know, being in the shade and all, but here be the greenhouse in all its glory. When we got here there were a few shreds of poly tacked randomly here and there and flapping in the wind, but other than taking that down, this is what we have. Currently it's a woodpile shelter, and a basking spot for the cat when the sun's on it.

Behind it is the "garage". If it had been built 10' further east it would have been in the sun all afternoon this time of year, for as long as the sun is available. Which isn't much. It's twilight at 3:30. By 2 the "greenhouse" is in full shade. It's a bit irksome but really the problem is the lack of light more than the lack of positioning. And what we have is what we have, and somehow it has to work because we certainly don't have funds to be rebuilding things that already exist.

(The lack of sun makes me a little tetchy I think. Also -32C and blowing snow. Tetch, tetch, tetch.)

ANYWAY. We're talking about how to combine a chicken coop and a greenhouse in this building so they can share warmth and light. The existing "greenhouse" will come off and some old windows Himself has been collecting over the last few years will find themselves in a new incarnation.



Jim said...

Whoa, there might be little salvageable wood there...

I like the peeling blue board on the face of that bench in front. People make expensive boutique items from stuff like that out here in Californica.

No kidding!

Cut that into 4 pieces, knock off the loose paint chips, mitre the ends to 45 degrees, make them into a box frame, apply 2 or 3 coats of satin clear lacquer, install and old piece of mirror into the frame---and a wire to hang it with---and you've got yourself a $125.00 swap meet item for the affluent with "disposable income".

Or should that be effluent?

Madcap said...

Well there's a project for my spare time! About an hour and a quarter from here there's a very upscale "farmer's market" in the summer...

Jim said...

So, that was advertised as one of the selling points of the place?

These short days find me a little tetched too, but then again, I'm always a bit tetched.

3:30 twilight, boy that's tough, here it's about 5:15 or so right now.

We have more snow than you though.

You'd probably need to make a truckload of boutique items from your scrap-heap to make that farmer's market trip worthwhile, better to concentrate an the massage therapy rooms.