Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Update

Yes, it's been a very long time, Shadowmoss!

Used to be that everything I was thinking demanded an outlet on the page, but that's not so much the case anymore. Not that I'm not thinking, but I want my thoughts to take shape in the "real" world. It's a little frustrating. So much around me seems stuck - I want FORWARD MOVEMENT. Now!

It seems I've got a very small circle of activity at present; house, kids, work, school. Repeat. And that's as it needs to be at the moment, because I won't get to where I'm going without taking every step along the way, but jeepers... such little steps.

There are some babies on the way, so I've done a little quilting, and am thinking about a little more. There's the yard that needs to be cleaned up, as usual. Way too much acreage around here for our family. The rabbits need butchering. We won't be raising rabbits again. Maybe a repeat on the chickens next summer. My brain is being crushed under the weight of cellular physiology - I'm supposed to be able to figure out graded potentials along the cell membrane? Huh? I hosted the homeschool network kick-off event at a bowling alley in the city, cake, balloons, door-prizes, the whole schtick. I still don't have curtains on most of the windows. The cats need de-worming.

I need a nap.

I hope you're all well. I do think of you often.


Shadowmoss said...

Woo Hoo! Ok, thanks for the update. As a treat, I put some pictures of Honduras up on my blog today. Yeah, small steps. I went back and read my blog from 2006. Wow, I was so unhappy and felt overwhelmed. I'm in a very different place now that I would not have been able to envision then. Less stressed and less unhappy. But, some of those small steps that seemed to lead to a solid wall are what got me here.

/me tucks Madcap in for a nap...

Kate said...

Yay, lovely to have you back!
Not good that you're having to run against the wind though.

"Graded potentials along the cell membrane" What on earth..? A nap sounds like a good idea.

Madcap said...

Shadowmoss - Stretch... yawn... thanks! ;-)

Great to hear that things are so much brighter for you these days. The pictures are gorgeous.

Kate - I'll have to update the blog list since you re-instigated yourself. The cell-membrane stuff is because I'm studying physiology towards my acupuncture, and I think Chapter 4 was the worst of the course. I finally decided that the best course of action was to skip over it into recognizable territory in Chapter 5!

I was going to wish you both a happy fall, but you're both in other-ish parts of the world, and I'm really not sure what seasons you're experiencing, so Happy October instead!