Wednesday, May 26, 2010

W.I.P. Wednesday

3.5 weeks before my FINAL FINAL exam. The work-in-progress this week is my studying; flash-cards, mental rehearsal, re-reading all the material we covered, finding bodies to practice techniques and assessments on.

And then I'll be done, for good or ill. Sometimes I can hardly believe this. Four years ago I had no inkling that my life would be taking this turn. Three years ago I knew I wanted to do something with my hands and healing, but massage really wasn't on top of my list. Shortly after that, I figured out that if I wanted to be an acupuncturist, I was going to have to find a route that would get me there more quickly and easily than wallowing through upgrading and a token B.A. That route turned out to be massage training.

I'm glad. I don't do "massage" very much, in the way that people think of it. I treat conditions, using myofascial release, pin-and-stretch (intense), cranio-sacral therapy, some osteopathic techniques, and of course, acu-points. Helping people become more functional and move with less pain is incredibly rewarding. I love my work.

And in September, I'm actually going to finally take my first class in the acupuncture program. Hallelujah!


shaktimama said...

Oh, wow, to be able to call oneself a healer. I love the word, and I hope you don't mind me calling you one :). Acupuncture and massage are both so amazing.

You must be so proud that you pursued your dream ... there are so many out there who wouldn't take this route because of fear. So, it always makes me happy when I see others going after what they *really* want.

Congratulations, Madcap! And the best of luck with your final exam!

Mercutio said...

3.5 weeks, eh? So that's 24 1/2 days?
It sounds like, with the final final and all, that you had to go through a lot of finals to get to this final final. Something kind of like a month of Sundays.
Anyway, I'm happy for you. I'm glad you're doing something you enjoy. It seems to fit.
And it just occurred to me that quilting involves sticking needles in things as well. Odd that.

Madcap said...

Shakti- Funny how my dream stayed so anonymous for so long! I wouldn't have guessed myself for an acupuncturist 10 years ago - my whole world was raising the kids, thinking about gardens and chickens. And then BOOM. Not that all the other stuff isn't important still, but I'm so glad to have this extra layer of involvement.

Mercutio - as of today, there are 22.5 days before I take the final plunge. Not that I'm counting.

It struck me as odd too, that my latest incarnation has such a lot in common with the previous one. Maybe all those quilts were just rehearsal-projects?


All the best (a foregone conclusion, no?) on your upcoming final to confirm what you clearly already are--a healer.

Madcap said...

Thank you! You know what one of the best parts of middle age is from my present point of view? Watching myself and the people around me metamorphose from one "being" to the next. I didn't really know I had "healer" in me, and I'm enjoying watching the strange new buds that I, and others, put out as we continue to grow. It's nice not to be so black and white anymore.