Monday, August 17, 2009

Show and Tell

Poppy's project. She's been playing with PowerPoint, taking pictures of us all and fiddling with them. However. PowerPoint isn't transferring well into My Pictures, and the upshot of that is that my freckles, when they're in a bit of shade, come across looking like five o'clock shadow. Nice. I've always wanted a new career - I guess I can join the B&W Circus.

My projects. I've been messing about with my fabric stash, trying to make little containers of various sorts for gift-giving when the fit takes me. The tute for the gift-bag (3 sizes provided) by Elizabeth of Oh Fransson is here, and the tute for the little zippered case by badhuman of Indie House is here. Quite happy with the overall effect, though in my second, larger gift-bag I put a piece of stiff cardboard in the bottom in order to give it a bit more stability and oomph. Happy with that.

The empty grommets are supposed to have cords looped through them for handles, but I didn't have any on hand. Next time into town, I guess.

Puss's projects. Or, shall I say, Puss the Perpetually Pregnant. I thought I'd wait until she'd finished nursing the first young lad before I got her fixed. Hah. He was nursing until last week, and at this point she's full to bursting by the looks of her. Oh well. After the next batch arrives she's got six weeks of mama-time and then she's off for the ole snip. I don't want to be the Bearded Lady and the Cat Lady of Gawdswallop.

Still allergic to cats, btw. Sniff.

Patch's project. He's been digging this huge hole behind the auction mart, sort of root-cellarish to my eyes, but he figures it would be a good bomb-shelter/hide-out sort of thing. He found this little feller in there one morning.

And the Spousal Unit? Off gallivanting with family in lakes and such. Nose to the grindstone and all that. ;-)


gfid said...

thine bountifulness bursteth forth with exceeding plentiousness! even the earth sprouteth with amphibians!


I grinned at the thought of Patch’s project. I’m sure I did something similar with I was a youngin’.

Nice pic of the small gray feline, too.

Shakespeare's Cousin said...

Thanks for the links to the sewing projects. I'd like to try the zippered case, but I am clueless to the kind of sewing that involves zippers.

Perpetually Pregnant Puss would be in trouble at my place. I am planning on taking the puppy to get the peanuts the snippity snip ASAP. He is peeing on things--like the furniture. Cats can actually get pregnant every 30 days, so it's a non-stop thing with them. She is cute, though.

Madcap said...

gfid - But drat it - why couldn't it have been my garden all fertile? We've got some potatoes and onions, and that's about it. Oh well. We did as well as a lot of the old-timers did, with the weather and drought and all.

Constantine - Funny, the allure of hole-digging. We had a dry dug-out when I was a kid, and I remember digging and trenching and trying to get the little streams to run uphill after a rain. And Poppy took the picture, so I'll pass the credit to her.

SC - Oh, but the zippered case was incredibly easy, go check the tutorial. I'm no fan of setting in zippers either, but the way it works is simple X2.

Peeing puppies, yes, definitely don't want that. I knew cats could get pregnant throughout the year, but I guess I thought that lactation would slow her down. Guessed wrong. Didn't bank on the unquenchable feline libido.

Shakespeare's Cousin said...

Looks like you haven't been around much lately, either. Hope all is well.