Wednesday, June 24, 2009


There are several excellent reasons why baby quilts are the best quilts. Let me tell you about it:

1. They're small. That means they're a lot easier to quilt on the machine, and a lot easier on my back.

2. They're small. That means that I can used up bits and pieces of fabric, things I don't have enough of to piece a larger quilt with.

3. They're small. If they're an eyesore, they're not a huge eyesore, and when the baby gets a little bigger, people have a very valid excuse for passing them along.

Poppy's been attending a youth group at one of the local churches, and the couple that runs it is expecting a second child. I very much appreciate that they're willing to undertake that project (the youth-group, I mean - baby-making is their own look-out), so I'm making a quilt.

These are fabrics that I've had way too much of for way too long. Poppy swore blind that she loved them and I got enough to make her a bed-size quilt, but after the purchase she informed me she loved them, but not in that way.

(Yeah, heard that one before. Oh, my heart...)

So there I was left with her expired passion, and I've since made two laps quilts and several baby quilts with the heap. This is it. I'm done. All the niggly leftovers are going in the second hand bag.

But all the same, it's kinda pretty, and I've satisfied my stash-busting instincts. I guess even unwanted leftovers have their consolations.



"Poppy's been attending a youth group at one of the local churches..."

How's that going?

Madcap said...


Okay. She's attending two youth groups, actually, and neither has been a particularly fertile ground for friendship. I was fairly disappointed about that, hoping for better I guess. But it's something to do, and she's found a few other kids locally to chum with, so from her perspective things are great. Whatever works!

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